Can You Lease a Car With Bad Credit?

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Are you wondering if you can lease a car with bad credit? Is it easier to lease a car with bad credit than to finance? Read on to learn everything you need to know to lease a new car with bad credit in greater Stephenville. Then, fill out a pre-approval form and explore the lease offers at Bayer Auto Group in Comanche! 


Can You Lease a Car with Bad Credit?

If you’re a Stephenville driver wondering, “Can I lease a car with bad credit?”, the answer is, “yes.” In fact, it is easier to lease a car with bad credit than it is to finance one. To top things off, when you lease a new car with bad credit, you make lower monthly payments, don’t have to put as much money down, and pay less sales tax. Still, good credit will only sweeten the deal, but Bayer Auto Group can work with you regardless! 

Negotiating for the Best Terms With Bad Credit

You know you can lease a car with bad credit and that it is easier to lease a car with bad credit than it is to obtain financing. Now, let’s take a look at how you can obtain the best terms when you lease a new car with bad credit. Here are some tips to keep in mind: 


  • Make a larger down payment than requested to lower interest and reduce the size of monthly payments. 
  • Take a few months to pay off smaller debts to get your score in the best shape possible before leasing. 
  • If your credit is blemished because of an issue that doesn’t necessarily reflect your financial behavior, bring us pay stubs and proof of your good financial habits. For instance, if you reliably pay your bills, but took out a large business loan for a business that failed, and you can prove your financial reliability by pointing to a financial history outside of that one time mistake, come prepared to paint a picture of your reliability. You may be able to negotiate for better terms! 

Lease a New Car With Bad Credit Near Abilene

Now that you know you can lease a car with bad credit and that it is easier to lease a car with bad credit than it is to finance, contact us at Bayer Auto Group to take the next step in Comanche. Our finance experts can look closely at your financial history, help you find a model that you love and that is perfect for your budget, and custom tailor a strategy to set you up for success as you make your payments. When you’re ready, take a look at our new vehicle specials to get started!

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