What is Homelink?

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Your new Chevy Spark or Chevy Tahoe comes with a built-in universal home remote control system known as HomeLink®. This wireless system gives you the ability to sync remotely with the following electronic features:

  • Open and close your garage door or automatic gate
  • Activate or deactivate your home security system
  • Turn on and off your home’s interior and exterior lights, appliances, and other home electronics

What is HomeLink® best used for? HomeLink® is a smart device integration feature that helps keep Stephenville Chevy owners safe and connected while driving. Most new Chevy models come equipped with HomeLink® — but what about used models? Ask us about used vehicle HomeLink® availability when you visit our dealership in Comanche, and read on for details!

HomeLink® Benefits for Chevrolet Drivers

How can Brownwood Chevy drivers benefit by opting into HomeLink®? A little extra convenience and peace of mind go a long way when you’ve got a full day ahead of you. Key HomeLink® functions include:

  • Easy Set-up — It takes just a few minutes to get HomeLink® set up and ready to use!
  • Remote Control — Open and close your automatic gate or garage door from the driver’s seat.
  • Compatibility — Nearly all garage door opener and automatic gate systems, and many other radio-frequency controlled devices, are compatible with HomeLink®.
  • Control Up to 3 Devices — Three buttons on the device connect your car with your electronic systems and devices, so you can control from the driver’s seat. HomeLink® is integrated directly into your vehicle’s interior, typically near the rearview mirror.
  • Safety and Security — HomeLink® keeps tabs on your security, sending alerts if you’ve left your garage or gate open before heading out to Abilene. You can also connect HomeLink® directly to your home’s security system.
  • Battery-Free — HomeLink® is fully powered by your Chevy’s electrical system. That means no worries about changing batteries.
  • Home Security System Access — You can connect HomeLink® with your home security system to remotely control security, lights, and certain radio-frequency controlled home appliances.

How Do I Program HomeLink®?

What is HomeLink® programming for your garage door? Fortunately, setting up your HomeLink® system to connect with your garage door and other devices is as easy as 1-2-3! With your car parked in the driveway, take the following steps:

  1. Locate the HomeLink® unit. You’ll typically find it on the ceiling, above the center console and close to the rearview mirror. Your HomeLink® unit has 3 buttons.
  2. Simultaneously press and hold the first and third buttons until your car’s interior lights begin to flash. You may have to push the buttons down for up to 20 seconds. When the lights begin flashing, move onto the next step.
  3. Press and hold the button you wish to program, and press the open/close button on your garage door opener at the same time. Your interior lights should switch from slow flashing to rapid flashing. That means you’ve successfully connected your garage door opener to HomeLink®, and your chosen button is now programmed to open the garage door!

Now get out of the car, and press your garage door opener’s “learn” button. To be sure the connection has been made, press the newly programmed button in your vehicle for at least two seconds. You may see your garage door opener lights flash, indicating that HomeLink® is connected to the garage door opener.

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