How Much Does it Cost to Lift a Truck?

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We understand why Comanche truck enthusiasts would be interested in how much it costs to lift a truck. A lifted truck gives you more off-roading capabilities to take on wilder conditions and alternate terrain, as well as an agressive, unique look to your wheels. From affordable leveling and body kits that go between $100 and $500, to more extensive suspension kit options that can run from $1000 to $5000, there’s a cost to lift a truck that fits almost any budget. Read on below to learn about the differences in types of lifting and how that affects the prices. 

Consider the Time it Takes to Lift a Truck 

There are lift kits that you can opt to install yourself right in your own Stephenville garage. The main perk here is saving a lot of money that would otherwise go toward labor costs of a professional installation service. While DIY kits are an alluring, affordable option, we understand that not all people are comfortable with or have the time to conduct the installation themselves. For that reason, it may be best to order the necessary genuine OEM parts and schedule service at the dealership so a factory-trained technician can lift your truck. 

Lift Kits vs. Leveling Kits

If you want more ground clearance or to add bigger tires, you’ve probably become familiar with both options of lifting your truck and leveling your truck. Leveling kits can help with daily drives, towing, and moderate off-roading. With a leveling kit, you’ll get an inch or two of extra clearance.
A lift kit, on the other hand, is more suited for those who desire to go further off-road beyond Brownwood into more extreme conditions like mud, snow, dirt, dust, gravel, and rock. With a lift kit, you’ll gain anywhere between three and twelve inches of additional ground clearance to tackle the terrain ahead. 

Why Lift Your Truck?

Maybe you already have your heart set on lifting your truck and want to get an appointment with our service center to perform the installation right away. But if you’re still wondering whether lifting your truck will be beneficial, consider these additional perks of a lift kit: 

  1. If you plan to off-road at all— whether recreationally or on-the-job— lifting your truck is pretty much a necessity. It provides better shock absorption and space for bigger tires that will provide you with crucial increased traction, making the tough drives smoother and safer. 
  2. Lifting your truck will turn heads throughout Abilene with its adventurous look. 
  3. Believe it or not, lifting your truck can even improve MPG and provide smoother daily drives. It’s not strictly for extreme off-roading. 
  4. With better suspension, the miles you log on your truck won’t wear and tear as hard on your system. This can lead to higher resale value down the road, meaning the cost to lift your truck can pay off later!

Contact Our Bayer Auto Group Parts Department for More 

If you still have questions about “how much is it to lift a truck?” contact our dealership parts department team today. We have all the resources you need to learn about why to lift your truck, how to do it, and how much it costs. Additionally, our professional service center technicians are standing by to install your truck’s lift kit on your behalf if you would like it professionally serviced!

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