What is IntelliLink Infotainment?

October 8th, 2018 by

Hand using 2018 GMC navigation touchscreenWhile most newer vehicles contain some form of infotainment system, these systems are not all created equal. Don’t waste your time with a confusing and complicated interface when you could quickly immerse yourself in the intuitive IntelliLink infotainment system. Found in Buick and GMC vehicles, this system proves to be both easy to navigate and fun to use. Explore the highlights to find an infotainment system that rises above the rest.

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Hands-Free Communication

Using Bluetooth® technology the IntelliLink system increases your capabilities while keeping your focus where it should be– on the road. While your phone is safely stored away you can:

  • Make and receive phone calls,
  • Read and write text messages
  • Stream your music
  • Access your favorite apps

IntelliLink and Bluetooth® join forces to provide you maximum connectivity that isn’t limited to the touch of your fingertips. Whether you choose to navigate with the touchscreen, or with the sound of your voice, you won’t be disappointed with how convenient IntelliLink is to use.

Customize Your Experience

No longer waste your time navigating through screens and features that aren’t important to you. IntelliLink allows you to customize the home screen of the infotainment display on your Buick or GMC vehicle. This means the features that are important to you are the first ones you can access, not the last, and you and move through features efficiently.

Stay Connected on the Go

Those road trips to Grandma’s house just became much more enjoyable with the addition of the IntelliLink system. You can keep your whole family entertained and informed thanks to:

  • The 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot IntelliLink provides.
  • The ability to connect us to seven devices simultaneously when in the proximity of your vehicle.

Keep Connected With IntelliLink at Bayer Auto Group

These highlights don’t tell the full story of what the IntelliLink system is capable of. To get a better idea of how the IntelliLink system performs, contact our Comanche location today for a demonstration. We have new GMC and Buick vehicles, like the 2019 Buick Enclave, with IntelliLink available to explore today!

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