What Do You Need to Prepare Your Pickup for Off-Roading?

July 31st, 2018 by

2018 Ford F-150 Offroad

Looking to get your pickup truck ready for a weekend of off-roading adventure near Stephenville? Get started by choosing the right equipment and accessories, and make sure your truck is properly maintained.

Standard Equipment

Making sure you start out with the right standard features is important. You will want a powerful pickup with an engine ready to perform. Heavy-duty tires and AWD will help you handle any terrain and a navigation system will help you find your way back to the road more travelled.

Lift Kits

Maximizing ground clearance helps prevent damage to your truck and getting stuck in rocky terrain. Lift kits also assist your off-road ability by raising your truck to increase your vehicles clearance. Whatever your pickup truck model, there is most likely a lift kit for it.


There are wide range of accessories available for pickup trucks, but we suggest looking at the following to increase your off-roading abilities:

  • Skid Plates: Protect vital vehicle components like the engine and transmission by having skid plates installed on the undercarriage.
  • Winch: If you do get stuck in the mud and muck, a winch is the best way to get out.
  • Off-Roading Tires: You will need extra tough tires to take on rocks and off-road trails near Abilene.


Now that your truck is equipped with the right gear, it’s time to maintain it. Maintenance is always important to the health of any vehicle, but even more so when you are pushing performance to the limit. It will also prevent your engine from overheating when you’re off-roading on faraway trails.

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